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We partner with local farmers to make locally grown food easily accessible.

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your local farms

Small family farms make up 90% of US farms, but only account for 22% of the production.

Eat quality food
& help the planet

Did you know? Food sold at chain grocery stores travels on average 25-times further than locally-sourced food options.

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Frequently asked questions

Harvesta is a platform that connects local farmers to consumers. We partner with local farmers to make locally grown food easily accessible.

Harvesta is dedicated to empowering local farms and businesses to improve their sales and customer outreach. If you're a certified farm or sell products through a registered business, you're eligible to sell on Harvesta. During the seller sign-up process, our team verifies your businesses's EIN (Employer Identification Number).

Products for sale on Harvesta are competitively priced with high-end produce you'd find at your local supermarket.

All the products you'll find on Harvesta are locally grown by small farmers in your community and are of the highest quality standards.

Harvesta is completely free to join and sell your products through. Email us at and we'll set up some time to talk about your business and get you started.

Customer's are able to shop local produce from any farm or business in their area and purchase entirely online. Pick-up, delivery options, and hours are available, but depending on your individual local farms.

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